Q. What Is The Wheel And How Does It Work?

The Wheel is a fun and innovative way to make everyday purchases.
The best part about the Wheel is that you are guaranteed to always get an item worth the same or more than the value of what you paid.
Each Wheel has its own pricing and consists of various Tiers. Items fit within different Tiers based on their lowest online value.
All spins are final.
When adding items to your wheel, choose wisely. Click the image of the item to learn more about it before you add it to your Wheel. Returns and refunds are not accepted.
Pro Tip: In the tiers that allow you to select more than one item, you can select the same item multiple times.
All items ship within 14 business days from the spin.
You can keep tabs on your orders in the Your Total Spins section of your dashboard.

Q. When Do Wheel Orders Ship?

Since items are ordered upon each spin, please allow up to 14 business days from the date of your spin for your item to ship.
You will be able to keep an eye on your order’s shipment in Your Total Spins section of The Wheel.

Q. What is Your Return Policy?

All spins are final. We do not accept returns or refunds for Wheel spins.
Since customers select which items go in their Wheel, we don’t accept any returns.
If you’ve added the same item to the Wheel that you’ve won before, there is the chance that you can wind up with multiples of the same item.
Choose wisely and only add items to your Wheel that you’d be open to receiving.

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