Everyday Carry + Terms of Service

Everyday Carry + Terms and Conditions

The “Everyday Carry + Wheel” is owned and operated by WGI, LLC, a Nevada limited liability company (“WGI”).  To participate in the Everyday Carry + Wheel through www.thewheel.com, you must provide valid information.  

Users of The Wheel may purchase spin(s) on The Wheel in amounts advertised. The price to participate in a spin(s) on the Everyday Carry + Wheel may vary from time to time, and may change in the sole and absolute discretion of WGI, LLC. Spin credit cannot be assigned, sold, or transferred to any other person or entity. Spin credits have no fair market value, cannot be returned to TheWheel.com, and cannot be redeemed for cash or anything of value, other than a spin.  Any attempted transfer, sale, assignment, redemption, or cancellation of spins shall be deemed null and void, and may cause forfeiture of any and all spin credit, and may further restrict the user's access to the Everyday Carry + Wheel, as determined by WGI within their sole and absolute discretion.

The Everyday Carry + Wheel contains five sections. Each section of the Everyday Carry + Wheel is populated by the items you select from the available levels. The available levels of items per section are dependent upon the value of the spin(s), as advertised by the Wheel. The Wheel retains the sole and absolute discretion to add, remove, change, or modify the availability and selection of items within each level.  The Wheel further retains the sole and absolute discretion to change or modif y which levels are available for the spin(s) of different values.  Once the Everyday Carry + Wheel is populated with the items you choose from available levels, the Wheel guarantees that you will land on one of such items as the result of the purchased spin.  The probability of landing on an item within an available level – from the lowest to highest available level – is 94%, 4.5%, 1.06%, .43%, and .01%.  These probabilities cannot be increased or affected by any action of the user, and are irrespective of the value of the spin(s). The Wheel reserves the right to amend, change, increase, decrease, or otherwise modify the probabilities for any spin at any time, without notice or approval by the user.

By participating in a spin on the Everyday Carry + Wheel, you acknowledge and agree that the Everyday Carry + Wheel does not constitute gambling, a lottery, and/or a sweepstakes.  Each spin is guaranteed to result in a purchase of an item with a retail value of at least the purchase price for the particular spin.  You, thereby, acknowledge and agree that for each and every spin, you will receive fair value and at least equal consideration for such transaction.  There is no possibility, risk, hazard, or chance that a spin will not result in an item purchase equaling the consideration you paid for the spin of the Everyday Carry + Wheel. All quantities are severely limited and subject to availability, as such all sales are final.

If a spin results in an item that is in a level above the lowest available level, you may elect to exchange such item for any other item in an available lower level, provided that such item was populated on the Everyday Carry + Wheel at the time of the spin that produced the winning item. The Wheel will ship the winning item to you as soon as reasonably possible. You shall be responsible for all shipping charges, including fees, costs, and charges related to any exchange.

Any dispute, claim, or lawsuit arising from participation in the Everyday Carry + Wheel shall be construed under Nevada law, and the proper venue shall be located in Clark County, Nevada.  By participating in the Everyday Carry + Wheel, you agree to forfeit any right to participation in any class action claim(s) or lawsuit(s) against WGI. You further forfeit any right to recovery of consequential, incidental, or punitive damages in any dispute, claim, or lawsuit arising from participation in the Everyday Carry + Wheel.

Please direct all questions, comments, or inquiries to [email protected].